The partnership brings together top laboratory automation product and system integration providers in the life science, biotech, and drug development markets.

SAN DIEGO, CA — Todaro Robotics, the most trusted name in laboratory automation system integrations, announced today it has entered into a distribution agreement with Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA), creating a partnership that broadens its solution capabilities for the global life science, biotech, and drug development markets.

“Among the many players in the laboratory automation sector, PAA’s innovative solutions are a perfect fit for Todaro,” said James Slatic, co-founder and COO at Todaro Robotics. “Our combined offering of products, services, and expertise brings enormous value to labs seeking to grow throughput while reducing resource dependencies.”

U.K.-based PAA provides state-of-the-art automation technology to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It is a leading supplier of laboratory automation products, designing and manufacturing innovative robotic systems, plate handlers, laboratory robots and an extensive range of storage products and automation accessories.

“PAA, a member of the Directech Group of Companies, welcomes the collaboration with Todaro Robotics,” said Jon Newman-Smith, PAA’s director of research and development. “The only way to meet current global demands in laboratory research and development is to combine global resources with a local specialist, and we are confident this partnership delivers the best of both worlds.”

Laboratories are also confronting repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), which are increasingly afflicting modern laboratory workers. Contemporary research facilities are progressively moving repetitive workflows to laboratory automation systems not only to ensure the consistency of data and to free highly trained laboratory personnel to perform higher-level functions, such as experimental design and data analysis, but also to protect the health of their workers.

“Without any automation experience ourselves, Todaro Robotics helped us design and build two incredibly versatile systems,” said Dr. Kevin Entzminger, director of antibody discovery and engineering at Abwiz Bio. “We leveraged these solutions to dramatically increase our throughput and productivity.”

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Todaro Robotics builds and services industry-leading laboratory automation solutions for major life science, biotech and drug development companies, delivering on-time and on-budget, optimizing lab performance. By combining decades of industry experience pioneering automation solutions, founder and CEO Thomas Todaro and Todaro Robotics deliver a proven track record of successful system integrations and automation solutions for clients like Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, BP Biofuels, and Abwiz Bio.

Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) provides state-of-the-art automation technology to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company offers a complete design and build service for laboratory automation, manufacturing and supplying a number of standard products, including laboratory robots, automation software, and integrated automation work-cells.