S-CEL brochureS-CEL™ Laboratory Workcells

Combining contemporary design with high-quality engineering and performance, S-CEL offers a reliable, tailored solution for rapid assay scalability, so you can focus on the application rather than the automation.

S-CEL breaks the mould of traditional laboratory automation, streamlining equipment utilisation and throughput, while reducing the specialised knowledge to operate.

S-RUN powered by Overlord

All S-CEL laboratory workcells will be controlled with our new S-RUN scheduling and control software. S-RUN is our enhanced Overlord software, new features include:

  • A new concept in laboratory automation user interfaces.
  • A flexible process scheduling engine.
  • An open database structure for integration with other customer data systems.

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Benefits of S-CEL™ Laboratory Workcells

PAA’s unique vendor neutral status on all products allows you to choose the most appropriate instruments for your application.

S-CEL workcells cater for expandability and maximise the use of expensive instruments. Connect™ plug-and-play docking technology is used to seamlessly integrate and remove third party equipment

With impressive instrument density all S-CEL systems allow the integration of multiple instruments, whilst minimising the floor and height space required

User, product and robotic safety is paramount. S-CEL is ETLus and NRTL certified, exceeds Biosafety Level 2 and is the only solution to provide full system laminar air flow across the whole system to maintain sterility and protect your assay

PAA designs state-of-the-art, tailored solutions, so each S-CEL is configured to perform exactly to your requirements

S-CEL workcells offer a fast, cost-effective solution. Advanced 3D simulation is used to ensure that an optimum design is reached quickly, the system is manufactured efficiently and installed seamlessly

S-CEL systems are powered by Overlord™, PAA’s advanced scheduling software, allowing more consistent control over the process, high reliability and great data connectivity

S-CEL™ Product Range

S-CEL robotic systems are available in a range of core modular solutions which can be tailored to create your smart lab of the future.  Each module is expandable, offering the flexibility to grow your business.

The S-CEL 1000 is a flexible open desk design for medium throughput systems.

Tailored to provide an automation island in the laboratory.

The S-CEL 2000 builds on the modularity of the S-CEL 1000 to include an enclosed desk design, offering enhanced user safety and higher instrument density.

S-CEL 2000

In addition to the enclosure options offered by the S-CEL 2000, the S-CEL 3000 benefits from an air management system to maintain positive or negative pressures with localised extraction to provide sample protection.

The primary solution for product sterility.S-CEL 3000

The S-CEL 4000 offers full user, product and robotic protection.

The safest automation solution on the market.  

All S-CEL robotic systems may be fitted with our unique Connect Plug-and-Play docking stations. This enables instruments to be wheeled away for standalone use, or docked at another system, and then returned to the S-CEL without re-teaching the robot.

Whether your application is automated ELISA,  sample preparation, cell-based assays, drug discovery, genomics, or synthetic biology, there is an S-CEL laboratory workcell option for you.

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