The D-LID laboratory microplate delidder is Smarter, greener and more versatile than any comparable product on the market. Simple functionality, easy installation & setup and great performance.



D-LID enables you to delid & relid a variety of labware rapidly and reliably time after time after time. A fit & forget solution. D-LID can be fitted into existing systems or onto existing Peak Robotics Hotels.

D-LID does not require external vacuum or compressed air connection. No external software drivers are required to integrate into a system. Its automatic operation reduces process time and increases system throughput.


Key Benefits

Easy to Integrate

Compatible with any robot in any platform. Retrofit into an existing system located within a robot's reach. Integration only requires the included power supply. No compressed air or vacuum source is necessary as it generates what it requires internally for vacuum on demand. Industrial quality vacuum cups grab the lid firmly and reliably. Additional units can be daisy chained together on the hotel, increasing system capacity. D-LID has a port for a redundant external vacuum connection.

Easy to Setup

One touch setup and the unit is ready for action, no external communication or control drivers. To delid, the robot presents a plate to the vacuum cups, and the unit takes care of the rest. To relid, use the same sequence, replacing lids accurately and reliably. Monitor the optional output to detect feedback errors.


Onboard industry 4.0 diagnostics, so the D-LID can be monitored for performance and environmental impact. Onboard process parameters and timings can be adjusted for demanding applications. Firmware can be updated remotely.

Flexible handling

D-LID can handle microplate lids, petri dishes, Duetz lids or custom labware using its industrial quality vacuum cups. Automatic calibration and on-board pressure monitoring ensures a secure grip every time.


Product Name:  D-LID

24V 125mA 3W Power supply can run a 6-station delidding chain.

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