Ultrasonic Cleaning StationUltrasonic Cleaning Station

The Automate.IT Ultra™ is an ultrasonic tank and flushing station designed to fit on the deck of most liquid handling systems for cleaning.



Simply activate the station and lower the tips into the bath. Typical cleaning times are 30 seconds or lower. Cleaning solvents can be water, water/solvent mixtures (solvents include alcohol, DMSO etc.). Chemically resistant pump heads can be supplied. Detergents such as Tween and Triton can be added to speed up the cleaning process.


The cleaning bath is supplied with a flushing station equipped with peristaltic pumps for filling, draining and flushing the tank. This flushing station also contains the ultrasonic generator, which is connected to the tank via a detachable cable enabling it to be mounted under the bench, if required. The ultrasonic cleaner is controlled via a USB connection and simple software interface.


Automation-friendly ultrasonic wash station

Cost-effective solution, allowing for tips to be cleaned and reused

Cleans tips, needles and probes (matrix or single probes)

Fits on the deck of most liquid handling systems

Complete control of tank filling, emptying and flushing via simple interface

Removes DNA, antibodies, proteins and other organic contaminants

Fast and efficient ultrasonic cleaning – reaches the parts that other cleaners don’t


Construction: Marine grade stainless steel construction

Weir overflow: To provide constant level

Footprint: Standard SBS microplate

Tank volume: 340ml

DimensionsMaximum overall dimensions (measured at weir): length 156mm, width 115mm, height 81mm Internal dimensions of tank: length 114mm, width 74.5mm, minimum depth 40mm

Ultrasonic generator unit: Ultrasonic generator unit (remote up to 2m)

Control input: USB Interface software

Interface software: supplied and Overlord™ driver available – can be controlled from any liquid handling software – independent control of pumps and ultrasonic power

Power supply: 220/240 V, 110 V

Compliance: CE marked

Supplied with: Liquid flushing station containing filling and emptying peristaltic pumps Pump tubing 4m Can be supplied with silicone, Norprene™ or Viton™ pump tubing to handle most solvents Cables IQ protocols User manual

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