Drug Discovery

Success in drug discovery requires the capability to change your workflow dependent on the requirements of a drug. For companies like contract research organisations (CROs), this flexibility is crucial to operations, providing the ability to adapt and simultaneously run several different workflows.

At PAA, we understand the importance of automating small molecule drug discovery to meet the needs of our clients, and how it requires bringing together a variety of different technologies into high-throughput platforms for initial candidate selection. Read on to find out how we seamlessly integrate multiple instruments to deliver an efficient automated solution.

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A sterile workcell is vital for laboratory automation
A sterile workcell is vital for automated cell screening

Integrating hardware expertise and experience to deliver drug discovery breakthroughs

Our library of over 400 instrument drivers, Overlord scheduling software, and more than 25 years’ experience automating novel screening technologies enables us to take a unique approach to addressing screening needs that enhances your discovery process.

In addition to delivering our own robotics, plate handling, and workcell hardware, we take a vendor-neutral approach to integrating the equipment you need for an optimised, automated platform for drug discovery.

Ask us about our proven track record in helping companies optimise process flows and accelerate their time frames for compound discovery. We can deliver automation at all levels, from small, single-function platforms to large, flexible workcells designed to support:

  • Automation of entire process flows
  • Running multiple chemistries in parallel, improving chemical synthesis and biological testing
  • Use of artificial intelligence to improve design hypotheses through feedback analysis

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