PAA S-LABS-LAB™ Automated Plate Handler

The S-LAB™ automated plate handler is an entry level automation solution designed for multiple applications and ease of use.

With its on-board computer it is capable of operating standalone, loading plates into a wide variety of automatable bench top instruments from various manufacturers. For an ever growing list of standard instruments, we can offer rapid installation. For other instruments we can provide a bespoke integration service. Control is simple. S-LAB can be controlled via an intuitive user interface on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Connection is via Ethernet or LAN.


Benefits of the S-LAB™ Automated Plate Handler

Compact plate handler (portrait or landscape), with the reliability of a robotic arm.  Can fit within a standard laboratory safety cabinet

Already compatible with an extensive range of laboratory instruments, with Harmony Batch Manager™ and Overlord™ software for complete control

Handles up to 7 deep well plates with liquid dispensers

Efficient handling of microplates; capacity up to 100 unlidded/80 lidded

Handles lidded microplates providing sterility for cell-based or sensitive assays

No requirement for a separate PC-controller and software are embedded within the plate handler.  Set up can be achieved with a smartphone, tablet or PC from which smart web-based applications can be run

Barcode reading and optical plate sensing for reliable, unattended operation

IQ/OQ certification available

Improves laboratory productivity with walk-away automation

Easy instrument integration

S-LAB’s flexibility allows easy integration with instruments from leading suppliers, offering a cost-effective automation solution for all your science needs.

Applications for S-LAB integrations

/  Thermo Multidrop Combi, Wellwash

/  Tecan HydroFlex, HydroSpeed, D300e

/  Gyger Certus

/  Cybio Felix

/  Intellicyte iQue Screener/Plus

/  Nexcelom Celigo Imaging Cytometer


/  Zeiss CD7 (Celldisover 7)

/  GE IN Cell Analyser

/  Hidex Sense

/  Molecular Devices SpectraMax

/  Perkin Elmer Envision and Nivo

/  Tecan Infinite, SPARK

/  Thermo Fluoroskan, Luminoskan, Multiskan, Varioskan

/  Miltenyi MQX, MQ10, MQ16

/  Thermo Quant Studio

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