What is system integration?

System integration is the collecting of a number of pieces of equipment together and making a cohesive automation system with sample, processing, sample tracking and data management

System Integration

What can PAA offer?

PAA has been building robots and fully integrated solutions in the USA and UK since 1989.  We can supply anything from individual devices up to complete turnkey systems.

Choosing the right systems’ integrator is just as important as choosing the right equipment.  We also support our third party integrator partners’ laboratory automation control software, including event-driven and time-drive schedulers. All are trained to install and support our products.


PAA has a full range of laboratory automation workcell control software solutions, scalable to work for small benchtop systems up to large multi-workcell platforms. For further details visit:

Overlord Scheduling Software

Overlord Device Drivers

Harmony Interface

Assay Manager Interface


PAA has a full range of laboratory automation products for integration into highly reliable laboratory automation solutions. For further details please visit:

Laboratory Workcells

Laboratory Robots

Automated Plate Handler

Storage and Accessories

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