Instead of laboriously subjecting your cells to inhumane gravitational forces, treat them to an automated cell wash!

Automating cell wash workflows with a centrifuge is challenging and expensive. Alternatively, Laminar Wash™ technology offers a gentle, reproducible, and high-throughput alternative to preparing suspension cell samples without subjecting them to inhumane gravitational forces that would make even astronauts queasy. On February 24, join Ann Wang, Application Scientist at Curiox Biosystems, and Malcolm Crook, Ph.D., Technical Director at Peak Analysis & Automation, to find out how Laminar Wash:

  • overcomes the challenges of automating sample prep
  • offers several integration options to streamline your laboratory workflow
  • improves cell suspension sample quality for downstream analysis.


Learn how Laminar Wash™ technology addresses the sample prep bottleneck while improving data quality by watching our webinar.

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