Cell Line Development

With ever increasing pressure for shorter cell line development times, automation enables increased throughput and reduces reliance on labour-intensive workflows.

At PAA, we understand your need for increased speed-to-clinic. Read on to find out how we can help you achieve shorter cell line development times and consistent production of high-quality recombinant products.

How S-CEL helps you get to the clinic faster

Our workcells for automated cell line development help you generate high-quality, reproducible results, streamlining the workflow and freeing up laboratory staff by taking over manual, repetitive steps. S-CEL can safely and accurately perform a wide range of tasks that cover the entire cell line development workflow – from cell seeding and maintenance through to clone selection and hit picking.

Take the strain out of labour-intensive workflows by automating:

  • Transfection studies (knock-in, knock-out)
  • Clones identification
  • Cell maintenance
  • Cell line stability

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A sterile workcell is vital for laboratory automation
A sterile workcell is vital for automated cell screening

Safeguard samples with S-CEL

We know the value of your samples and the importance of protecting them against contamination. That’s why our S-CEL laboratory automated workcells have the best sterility credentials available, while also ensuring complete operator protection.

S-CEL’s sterility credentials:

  • Biosafety level II protection in accordance with BS EN12469-2000
  • Full-system laminar air flow maintains sterility and protect assays from contamination
  • ETLus-certified
  • Ensures a safe working environment with reliable operator protection
  • Triple HEPA filters

Trust the experienced experts for excellence

We’ve been a leading supplier of intelligent laboratory automation solutions for over 25 years and are trusted globally by major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, leading research institutes and respected universities.

We have extensive experience in providing everything from small workcells to large multi-robot and tracked robot systems. Unlike most suppliers, our vendor-neutral status allows you to choose the best instrumentation for your cell line development workflow. Our team of qualified engineers are highly skilled at integrating scientific instruments to create an efficient, bespoke workflow for fast and reliable results.

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