S-CEL brochureKX2-Plus Laboratory Robots

KX2 Plus raises the bar for flexibility and innovation. Upgraded internal mechanics increases the payload to 1kg for a greater range of labware types, from flasks to beakers.

The KX2 Plus offers continuous 360 degree rotation on the shoulder and wrist axes, providing process optimization and increased throughput.The full enclosure design makes it intrinsically safe and proven Peak technology delivers reliable performance for all your automation needs.

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The KX2 Plus fetaures a fully integrated high definition camera system with machine learning capbilities. Example applications include automatic position update for mobile robot integration, labware position and validation & automatic “on error” imaging to provide context for remote process recovery.


⦁    Increased payload capacity of 1 Kg: to carry overweight labware, large liquid reservoirs
⦁    Integrated vision: camera mounted under the wrist housing for real time scene recognition
⦁    Intelligent motion control for synchronised movement*
⦁    Mobile robot integration
⦁    Dual handed gripper option*
⦁    Custom labware fingers

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