Synthetic Biology

For research or manufacturing, we understand that your synthetic biology workflows require robust approaches to constructing and manipulating biological components and systems – with multiple steps that need to be carried out in sterile conditions.

In some cases, this also means supporting extreme growth conditions as some of the most interesting organisms used for synthetic biology live in extreme environments. This presents additional challenges when trying to culture them in a laboratory setting. Read on to see how we can help with our automation solutions.

Automate your synthetic biology with S-CEL

At PAA, we design our S-CEL workcells to seamlessly integrate and automate equipment for a complete walkaway solution. This enables automation of the synthetic biology workflow—from culturing the cells through to data collection and analysis—improving throughput, reproducibility and traceability.

  • DNA fragment construction
  • Insertion of constructs into the host organism by electroporation
  • Culture of the host organism
  • Colony selection
  • Analytical methods to confirm colony selection
  • Final data collection and analysis

All of these steps take place within biosafety level II sterile units – minimising the risk of contamination. S-CEL can also handle organisms with complex growth requirements, such as extremophiles: organisms that grow at high pressure and high temperatures.

Request a copy of our S-CEL laboratory workcells brochure to find out how we can solve your automation requirements

S-CEL with Lonza Nucleofector transfection technology
An S-CEL installation that uses Lonza Nucleofector technology to transfect eukaryotic cells.

Synthetic biology your way with PAA

We have extensive expertise in delivering customised automation solutions to industry-leading clients. We work with you to build the best, bespoke solution tailored exactly to your needs. And we’re different at PAA – being vendor neutral means that we’re free to select the best equipment for your unique workflow, creating an efficient, tailored system for fast and reliable results.

In addition, our versatile and flexible S-CEL workcells feature a self-contained recirculation system that not only provides exceptional sterility but also great flexibility, enabling them to be installed anywhere in the laboratory.

Find out how S-CEL can be customised for your synthetic biology workflow, talk to us today!