Assay Manager™ is a simple way to manage your kinetic assays in a high usage environment.

Assay Manager is the solution to running multiple kinetic assays; batches of plates can be added with values for the number of read steps and the interval between reads.

It enables multiple users to queue their samples for processing, even when there are batches of plates being processed.  Reads will be scheduled to run even when the system is unattended.

Simply answer a few questions about your assay, load the plates, hit ‘go’ and walk away.  Assay Manager turns operating an Overlord™ controlled workcell into a simple procedure, requiring minimal training.



Queue your batch of samples for processing even while the system is processing previous batches

Full inventory sample tracking and data management using barcodes

Increased walkaway time for users

Improve laboratory efficiency at a stroke – by eliminating workcell dead time


Intuitive wizard guides the user through adding their plate

Sample queuing interface – batches can be added with a delayed start time

System will safely pause to allow a user to add a new batch of samples

Identify and prevent scheduling conflicts – system will prevent addition of a new batch where a conflict would occur

Calendar view to display system usage with current batches

Inventory management to keep track of where samples are loaded and read steps which have completed

Individual read steps can be repeated

Common user interface for multiple platforms – software works with various plate readers and imagers

Add high performance scheduling and control software to your laboratory