Re-Grip Nest ref. RNST450

450mm height Nest:

Nests can provide an added position to complete a re-grip or de-lid sequence to enhance to versatility of the robot within the system.  Also referred to as a park for a plate.

Some instrument nest positions have a tighter tolerance than others.  Adding re-grip nest can verify the microtiter will go from loose tolerance nest to a tighter tolerance nest with no interference from the plate catching on the instrument nest.

Being able to run plates with lids can benefit many user’s production with processing plates.  Some instruments need the lids remove before a plate can be placed in the nest.  Adding two nests to the footprint of the robot can allow the arm to de-lid and re-lid the plates by placing the lidded plate down on one nest, remove the lid and place on the other nest.  Sequences can be created to do this.