GX-ROBOT – Collaborative Laboratory Robotics

The GX™ is the gold standard of collaborative robots, harnessing direct drive technology to deliver unparalleled safety and performance. The GX is the ultimate cobot designed specifically for the laboratory.

GX is the new generation collaborative robot. GX breaks the mould of traditional laboratory robots removing the need for protective screens or guarding.

The GX incorporates the latest designs in ‘drag-to-teach’ technology – simply hold the robot arm, move it to the required teach point, touch the button and that position is recorded. No specialist knowledge required to work with GX, your dependable laboratory assistant of the future.



The GX offers a number of innovative benefits that make it the ideal choice for handling microplates within the laboratory

Continuous unlimited motion

Class leading full 360˚ working envelope, innovative path planning optimisation ensures minimal plate transfer times, increasing throughput and maximising instrument density around the GX.


Simply move the robot through the pathway to the correct position and with a touch of a button the teaching is complete.  Quick, simple and revolutionary.

Collaborative operation

Inherently safe by design allows GX to work on existing benching, reduces disturbance while increasing flexibility in a busy laboratory.  Meets collaborative operation requirements of ISO 10218-1:2011, clause 5.10.3: Power and force limited by inherent design or control.

No pinch points

There are no joint overlaps or exposed slots that can accidentally catch a finger during human interaction.

Innovative technology

PAA’s free-drive™ technology uses direct-drive motors for all axes so there is zero backlash and near-silent operation.  There is no arm movement upon power-up for “homing”.  The robot always knows where it is and there are no batteries to replace.

Gravity-neutral counterbalanced arm

The arm is perfectly counterbalanced for safety and ease of teaching, and it consumes no power counteracting gravity.

Intelligent motion control

Straight-line motion allows the arm to extend inside a tight space with no fear of rubbing on the sides.  Smooth blended moves when in joint mode reduce plate transfer times while protecting sensitive samples from vibration or shock.

Compatible with existing PAA racks and stacks

Use the latest cutting edge laboratory robot with established plate-storage configurations.

Easy to integrate

100 Mbps Ethernet Port allows connecting on a network.  GX can be added to existing systems, expanding capability and throughput.

Standard I/O built-in

Digital and Analogue I/O available at the wrist and the base control box for interfacing and controlling other devices.

Numerous options

Every application is unique and with a wide selection of options including extended arm reach, different heights, linear rail extension and numerous gripper configurations, GX can be tailored to your exacting requirements.

Manufactured exclusively by PAA

The GX is designed, manufactured, and supported directly by PAA through its global offices.

Combine with PAA’s S-CEL 1000

GX is the perfect partner for the S-CEL 1000 laboratory workcell to provide a dependable island of automation within the turbulent world of research.

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