Mike Collins Finance Director

Mike Collins

Operations Director


Mike is a Graduate and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  His background, in analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and process monitoring, were forged during a 15-year career with BP Research, and petrochemicals were the core of PAA’s business activities in the early days.

As PAA grew, commercial activity was redirected to the Life Sciences sector and laboratory automation, and Mike stepped back from the technical role to focus on finance and the business development of the group, which included merging with Peak Robotics Inc to form the PAA Group we know today.

For the last 15 years Mike has been PAA’s Finance Director, but recent ambitious expansion of our international business in 2019 has resulted in a change in role to Operations.  As Operations Director Mike is responsible for the growth and profitability of PAA, spanning sales quotations processes through to delivery of PAA’s extensive array of offerings in laboratory automation.  The role includes departmental and staff management oversight, together with planning the implementation of a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.